MMORPGs, Evil Geniuses and Vlogging: The Wonderful World of Web Series

Greetings, and a good afternoon/morning/evening to you all!

In my last post I spent a lot of time professing my love for Pride and Prejudice and The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. Today I’m going to branch out a bit more and talk about web series in general and how they differ from traditional media. 

Web series aren’t as new a media form as you may think. The first series date back almost 20 years, however one of the most revolutionary web series (in my opinion) was Felicia Day’s series The Guild. Felicia Day, Queen of the Internet, used video blogging to tell the story of Codex, an Internet addict, and her online gaming guild.


[Fig. 1: Season 6 banner from The Guild Facebook page]
They call themselves ‘The Knights of Good’

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