Harry Potter vs. Star Wars: Award-winning Fanboys

Hello dear readers!

Today we’re diving straight into some super exciting web video tales starring wizards, Jedi knights and two Aussie boys.

Last Tuesday, Danny and Michael Philippou achieved greatness, winning best overall video at the Australian Online Video Awards. Their prize? Visiting the YouTube Creator Space in LA.

Pretty sweet, right? But what was their video? Some deeply serious, inspirational short film that makes you re-evaluate your life and values? Not quite. The Philippous took the prize for creating the ultimate nerd collision – Harry Potter vs. Star Wars!

Danny, Michael and a few of their friends filmed, edited and uploaded the video to the RackaRacka YouTube channel back in April and, not entirely surprisingly, it went viral. 11 million views and counting!

harry pottr vs star wars edit

[Fig. 1: Screen cap from ‘Harry Potter vs. Star Wars’ on the RakkaRakka YouTube channel]
The force is strong with this video!

You can read more about their win in the ABC’s article here.

So, why do we care about a Harry Potter vs. Star Wars video winning such a great award? Apart from the fact that it has an amazingly high production value and is the perfect combination of nerd references and fun, of course.

First of all, I always enjoy seeing Australians do well. It reminds the world that we can do more than just hunt crocodiles and throw shrimps on the barbie (for the last time, we call them prawns!!)

Secondly, it is celebrating not just web video itself but “amateur” productions and fan works on whole. Giving an award to a video like this is as good as someone standing up and saying, “You may not be a big Hollywood director and you may have used characters and ideas that someone else invented, but regardless, your work is amazing and legitimate and deserves every bit of recognition it gets.”

As a proud fangirl, this is something I am incredibly passionate about.

Fan created works are often looked down on by people outside of the fandom communities, because it’s not real writing, it’s not real art, it’s someone else’s work that you’ve stolen! If you mention that you write FanFiction, no doubt people will look at you strangely and judge you, but this kind of attitude devaluates the enormous amount of creativity and hard work that goes into many of these works.


[Fig. 2: “A Once and Future King” by Alice X Zhang]
I will never understand people who say fan art is not real art

The copyright side of things doesn’t help much either. I bet you didn’t know that copyright law was originally meant to inspire creators to create more instead of scaring off anyone without money from creating anything that is slightly derivative of an existing work. Ha! It sure is doing a great job achieving that goal!

On the bright side though we have a video containing references to two massive multi-million dollar franchises, with copyrighted music. They could have easily had lawyers swarming all over them, ordering them to take down the video, but instead they got given an award!

I’m not saying that Harry Potter vs. Star Wars winning an award will revolutionise the face of online video and change people’s perceptions of what real media is, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction!


Check out the Philippous’ Harry Potter vs. Star Wars video below (as well as some other entertaining Harry Potter and Star Wars related videos)

Harry Potter vs. Star Wars by RackaRacka

Potter Puppet Pals: The Mysterious Ticking Noise by Neil Cicierega

How Return of the Jedi Should Have Ended by How It Should Have Ended


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